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Giorgos: 347-498-4704


Before you send me a message, check below some frequently asked questions that may help with your request.

Yes, all sessions I offer can be shared by as many exercisers as you want. This way, you save money and make your sessions more pleasant and fun.

Your first session with me is always a complimentary session. Upon your decision to start training, you must prepay a package of 10 sessions for the “I Can” service. The “On Your Own” sessions may be paid for at the time of each session.

You can enjoy your sessionsĀ at:

The comfort of your own home, or the gym of your building.

All of my offers are found on the “Current Offers” page on this site. Stay tuned… Great offers may be given at any time! If you would like to grab them first, contact me using the email address, and let me know that you would like to be notified each time my great offers hit the… streets of New York!

Giorgos: 347-498-4704