I was born on the beautiful island of Chios in Greece. The first boy of a traditional Greek family, I realized early in my childhood that Exercise would play a huge role in my life.

Indeed, the career I have followed is in the Exercise field, and since college, everything about my job has revolved around that valuable field. I owned a fitness facility in Greece for more than 20 years, offering my best and changing the lives of thousands of people.

Life brought me to New York to receive more education and offer precious personal training in this huge metropolis, a city where Exercise and good health are taken seriously and appreciated even more.

As a restless spirit that always looks for new ways to improve people’s health, I am dedicated to changing the way everyone views Exercise.

Giorgos, teacher of Physical Education, Personal Trainer.


I have always been fascinated by anything beautiful in life, anything that can have a positive impact on the way we live, and by truths that are hard to find but change completely our world.

DIET 100%
LIFE 100%


Training sessions that allow me to start changing the world in my own discreet way. Exercise, Diet, Health & Life are all found here strong foundations to stand their ground for years to come.


Unsafe & fancy exercises, questionable systems, risky trends, and ways of impressing clients to make them stick to the trainer? No, EXERCISE IS LIFE focuses primarily and mainly on your safety.


For years, I have had a major goal achieved that has filled me with joy: In my way, with the help of a secret I cannot reveal, over 20 years, I have helped all my clients make exercise a way of life.


Truths and only truths are told by me, going often against the flow, even if that is not at all to my advantage. Truth always wins in every field, and the exercise field is definitely not an exception.