• 1-hour session (it may last longer) • for both advanced & beginners • great results, fast pace •

EXERCISE ON YOUR OWN is the alternative to regular personal training, and guarantees, too, an effective and safe exercise program. It costs almost nothing compared to personal training, but it comes at no expense of your results and safety. This service has been provided for more than 15 years, and all my clients appreciate its value.

Learn how you can exercise on your own at home or in a gym safely and effectively by using the best exercises for your gender, body type, age, and needs. Enjoy 1 training session (it may last more than an hour), during which I explain to you your program, the exercises, the technique, etc. You may feel confident enough to start your workouts after one only session, or you may feel the need to have one or two more sessions to understand better your program. It is totally up to you. What is more, enjoy the flexibility that this program offers you depending on the time you can set aside for exercise. This is, your program may last 1 hour, 30 or 15 minutes. Either program gives great results as long as it is executed according to the guidelines I give you. Your program may be kept the same for as long as you wish, or changed once in a while when you improve or need more challenge.