“Exercising with my personal trainer definitely motivates me to push myself past the point of what I feel I can achieve. It’s also a good time to forget everything but the task I have to complete… like an art class. After the exercise, I feel good, more focused, and often tempted to try other sports activities that I may not have tried otherwise, hiking, indoor rock climbing, tennis/golf. The experience encourages me to challenge myself.”

“As a senior citizen, my trainer has helped me keep feeling like a young woman. He has helped me with balance and showed me how to get up from a seated position as I did when I was 30. In general, he keeps me moving gracefully and comfortably. When I am away from the City, I try to practice what I have learned from over 3 years with my wonderful trainer. I miss our actual and regular session. The days we meet, I feel better, work harder and accomplish more. I sleep better, work more efficiently, and eat better. I am very fortunate to have a personal trainer.”

“Working out with my trainer has changed my life. I was surprised by how much more energy, commitment, and confidence I feel. Finding someone who understands your goals and can keep you motivated is incredibly important. With the right person, you build an ongoing partnership that results in tremendous physical and mental rewards.”

“Working out with my personal trainer has helped me to commit to practice at least once a week and stay disciplined in targeting my problem areas. I have noticed a difference in my appearance and others have noticed it as well. A trainer can teach you different exercises, tailor them to your level, and make sure you are doing them safely and effectively. This is more than I would ever accomplish on my own!”

“Personal training is the best money I have ever spent for myself! I was always very lazy to go to the gym by myself and even if I did I realize now that I never challenged myself at the gym, never reached my limits. That’s why I needed the trainer! He motivates me and helps me be the best me. It’s the first time I see a real change on my body; more toned, firmed and strong. I don’t get bored at the gym anymore, since every day I do a different routine and according to my preferences and needs.”

“I always wanted to take care of myself and worked out mostly by playing team sports. As years go by though, it is harder to gather teammates and my options have started to become limited. I hated gym because I couldn’t motivate myself, I didn’t have a goal, and everything seemed very monotonous. However, personal training totally changed my mind about working out in the gym. My personal trainer gave me motive, made the experience much more interesting with a variety of different exercises, and helped me reach my limits. It is the first time that I see my body in shape and that has improved my confidence, my mood, and also my attempts for a healthier life in general. I cannot promise that this will work for everyone, but I can definitely admit that personal training has changed my life.”

“I love working out with my trainer! He works out all the major muscle groups and I am never sore the next day. But I have become toned and see definition in my arms and legs. His exercises are safe and effective! As time has passed over the months and years the exercises have become more complex, involving more muscles, but they are still safe and effective. He is a true professional. He is very knowledgeable and keeps current with new developments in exercise physiology. He is pleasant and trustworthy. He is worth every penny.”

“My trainer has helped me improve my muscles and I have less pain in my joints and bones. As a very old woman, I have issues with balance and I am experiencing difficulties in walking. Exercise has made a difference in my life.”