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The training sessions of EXERCISE IS LIFE could easily claim they are among the best, if not the best, in NYC, and their unique qualities & features below can justify that claim. Take a look, and if you find in New York City Personal training that combines all of the EXERCISE IS LIFE’s features, then you will be offered a lower price…

I am a certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise & Physical Education. If I had to choose though one only thing for my successful career, that probably wouldn’t be the personal training certification, nor the Bachelor’s or other studies, but simply the experience.

Experience is what I mostly carry in my gym bag (over 25 years of experience), and when I combine it with tons of common sense and a little suspicion about science’s findings, it works miracles. Unfortunately, I have seen countless professionals with great knowledge making very serious and numerous mistakes because they use their plain knowledge without further consideration, either because they are bored or because they have learned to work that way. I have made mistakes, too, I am not an exception, but I can’t forgive myself for the same mistakes again. That’s why experience is a real treasure, and whenever and wherever you find it, exploit it!

During each year, I may give insane offers through session packages! Stay tuned… Check the Current Offers page regularly.

I always try (most of the time successfully) to facilitate clients when they want to switch to a different day and time, and that happens often. Although it is not easy, with lots of positive thoughts and a little effort the changes are made. It’s a kind of magic… How everyone finds their ideal time for their workout? I am still wondering… and they stick to their workouts. This is what matters…!

If you cancel within 24 hours or don’t show up for the session, you are financially responsible for the full fee of the session. However, you can avoid being charged for the missed session if you reschedule and do the session within a week.

I love knowledge, and besides college studies, I appreciate continuing education. I always doubt science, read from more reliable sources, and try to come to conclusions that promote real health. Unfortunately, this field is not without its dark rooms… It needs a lot of thought and consideration. Its use comes with many unwanted side effects, too. However, when you work out with me, you are sure that at least a trainer tells you the truth, whatever that is, even if that is not to my advantage.

No supplements for muscle growth and fat burning, no protein shakes that all consume as their magic powder, and no other kind of substances and supplements to boost your health and organism. If you respect your body and health, if you appreciate the potential of your genes, and… if you wish to keep enjoying life some years from now, then let me show you what real exercise means. You will love it, and you will make the difference in a brainwashed world where exercise without a protein shake (and more…) is believed to make no sense.

I allow as many exercisers as possible to share the sessions. This way, you save money and make your workout more enjoyable. Hooray! Life is beautiful…!

Refer a friend to EXERCISE IS LIFE, and if they buy their first 10 sessions, you will receive 3 free sessions as a gift!